A Home for Love

Long Road Home Book 11/Hollister Series Crossover

Life throws a curve ball

Alex Thompson thought he’d live and die as a Delta Force Special Operator. Unfortunately, fate had different ideas. His career ended during a training exercise while stateside. Discharged and displaced after serving in the Army for twelve years, Alex had no idea where his life was heading.

Life calls a time out

Kayla Bryce traveled across several states to stay with her Uncle Phil and Aunt Sarah. After losing her mom, she had nothing to keep her in Utah. Armed with a small inheritance and the need to be around family, Kayla arrives in Hollister, South Dakota, for a visit and to figure out what life has in store for her.

Destiny needs a gentle nudge

It was just Alex’s luck that a snowstorm in the Great Lakes area snarled all the flights in Atlanta. Forced to spend the night in the airport, Alex finds the USO and a woman that might not be completely sane. Blessing has a way about her, and her words and encouragement set Alex’s course straight for the first time in months. Straight into the orbit of a feisty woman with big opinions, bigger dreams, and a smile that could melt the coldest snow drifts in South Dakota.

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