Hollister Book 1

Not all scars are visible.

Andrew Hollister knew the wounds that make a person the most vulnerable couldn’t be seen. That last mission punched his ticket home. He’d survived when most of his team hadn’t.
The physical damage had mended. The mental injuries hadn’t healed as easily. Hell, they hadn’t healed at all.

Once burned, twice shy.

Genevieve Wheeler’s past was littered with betrayal by those closest to her and she’d sworn she’d never let anyone hurt her again. Her life was full of family, friends, and her flourishing business. The last thing she was looking for was a relationship with a broken, sexy, ranch hand.

Without the past, there is no future.

Just as life handed him a beautiful, vivacious reason to move forward, death came knocking once again. Facing his past was no longer something Andrew could avoid, and with Genevieve at his side, confronting the ghosts that haunted him was a battle he needed to win.

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