Hollister Book 5
Coming August 27, 2024

A final chance.

In the peaceful town of Hollister, secrets from days gone never stay hidden. For Barry Marks, memories of a disastrous military mission haunt every waking moment. He came to Hollister as a last hope. His final chance to change the spiraling trajectory of his future.

A chance meeting.

When Barry Marks literally sweeps Kathy Prentiss off her feet, she’s mesmerized. The bad boy with anger issues needs help, but he’s a flame she can’t resist. The chemistry between them is hotter than the long summer days of South Dakota. Their growing connection, built on mutual trust, seems to promise a new beginning for both of them.

A ghost from the past.

But peace is fleeting in Hollister. A series of unnerving events disrupt the town's tranquility. Even more troubling for Barry, the symbols left behind mirror haunting recon signals from his days as a Marine. When Kathy suddenly vanishes, replaced only by a bone-chilling message pointing to his past, Barry's worst fears are realized.

With every passing hour, Kathy's life hangs in the balance, and the weight of Barry's memories threatens to crush him. Yet, an unexpected ally emerges—the community he's kept at arm's length. As Barry races to save Kathy while grappling with his clouded past, he finds himself in a desperate battle not only to rescue the woman he loves but also to confront the shadows of his past.

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