Guardian Defenders Book 10
Coming October 29, 2024

Whatever it takes. As long as it takes.

Elliot Sawyer wasn’t supposed to be alive. He’d cheated death by changing shifts with one of his men. Sure, his man asked for the change, but guilt gnawed on his heart every second of every day. If he’d been there, maybe he would have seen something, done something to stop the massacre. Leaving Guardian wasn’t an option for him, but changing assignments was.

Maya Callahan didn’t have time to deal with the threats she’d been receiving. Her business was on the brink of an IPO that would make her a billionaire many times over. Her new bodyguard was supposed to be window dressing. Something to allay concerns for her safety. He wasn’t supposed to be noticed by anyone, especially her. But there was something about the handsome sentinel that intrigued her.

Elliot’s position as personal security officer for one of the top business minds in the country was supposed to be a walk in the park. He wasn’t here to be enchanted by her smile or beguiled by her kindness and flat-out bowled over by her beauty.

When bullets, bombs, and a determined killer take aim at his charge, Elliot will do anything to save Maya’s life. Even if saving her means giving up his own.

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