Home at Last

Long Road Home Book 15

I’d had a plan twenty years ago, serve my eight years in the Marines, college, come home and join the family business. Then it all changed and I became a Marine Raider. Raw from my last year long assignment in hell, I was grateful to retire after twenty years. Now here I am, damn near forty, retired, no degree with my family’s business hanging on by a thread and everybody I love scattered to the four winds. What in the hell am I going to do? Coming back to Jasper Creek and working with my dad and brothers had always been my dream.

Who’s the new guy? Scratch that, who’s the new man? And who does he think he is? Roan Thatcher. What kind of name is that anyway? How dare he come into my town and think he can take over. Fine, the business hasn’t been running perfectly, but considering I’ve been taking care of things single-handedly, for almost a year, it’s been going pretty damn good. And that’s even with some beyond stupid vandal/stalker trying to put me out of business! Roan better stay out of my way or there’s going to be trouble. Big trouble.

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