Home Team Advantage

Long Road Home Book 18
Coming July 9, 2024

When Matt O’Connell returns to Pine Ridge, he’s not the same man he was when he left. Years in the US Army Special Forces have forged his mind and body into lethal weapons.

Beneath the skills and formidable exterior, Matt’s soul remains intact—for now. He’s at a crossroads, and he’s hoping that spending time around the men who helped shape him as a teen can help him with the choices he now faces.

His mother’s new neighbor is an intriguing distraction. She’s young and beautiful and completely uninterested in him, which makes even harder to stay away. Especially when his finely honed instincts insist there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.

And then there’s the spark she's unintentionally ignited in his chest. The one he never expected to feel.

But is it real? Or just what he really wants?

Home Team Advantage is a small town contemporary romance suspense - light on the suspense, heavy on the romance.

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