Shadow World—Guardian Security Book 15
Coming November 26, 2024

Whatever it takes. As long as it takes.

In the shimmering, elite world of Sochi, Russia, where art mingles with power and secrets lie hidden beneath layers of paint, Guardian’s assassin, Maximus embarks on a dangerous mission to dismantle the criminal empire of the ruthless oligarch, Abrasha Molchalin. But when Maximus meets Elena Ivanova, Molchalin’s art curator, the lines between duty and desire blur.

Elena, with her keen eye for beauty, finds in Maximus an unexpected confidant and an enigma. As they navigate a shifting landscape of trust and betrayal, their romance blossoms, showing them the colorful possibilities that wait beyond the shadows facing them.

Set against the backdrop of Russia's picturesque but perilous Riviera, Maximus, and Elena are pulled deeper into a game of deception and death. Together, they risk everything to bring down Molchalin and escape with their love intact.

Enter the elite world where every brushstroke tells a deadly story, every gaze masks a secret, and every heart has a price.

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