Silent Knight

Hot SEAL Book 3/Hope City Crossover

Author's note: To this Christmas story I've also sprinkled two handfuls of Guardians and a dash of an assassin in a Christmas sweater! Come find some old friends and maybe a glimpse into next year's first release in the Kings of Guardian Series!

Forced to take his 'Use or Lose' vacation days, Romeo Platoon Leader Ted (Bear) Black begrudgingly heads home to Hope City and all the nonsense surrounding Christmas. He'd rather stay in San Diego and spend his downtime working, especially when he's unexpectantly reunited with the woman who was the star of the worst date he'd ever experienced.

Noel Laurent is heading home for Christmas. Her life in San Diego is lacking one thing. Snow! Christmas is the absolute most magical time of the year, and she can't miss any of the wonderful traditions and events surrounding the season, even if she has to share her travels with the stoically silent Ted Black. Forced to spend time together, Noel is determined to infuse Christmas's magic and wonder into her travel partner, despite his grumpy disposition. After all, miracles still happen, especially at Christmas!

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