The Siege: Part Two

Kings of Guardian Book 16

For years Guardian Security has protected the world against evil. They were an offensive weapon against monsters that sought to prey on the unprotected.

Until now.

Attacked at the heart of their operations, both in Washington D.C. and the South Dakota Annex, the Kings of Guardian go on the offense to protect the lives of their families, friends, and innocents caught in the crossfire.

This is War.

Who declared it? Where are they hiding and how did the Guardians miss the threat that has blown their world apart?

Survival isn't guaranteed.

To turn the tide, the Guardians must survive and protect those they love. But in that effort, there are no certainties. Theirs is a dangerous profession.

Author's note: The Siege is a two-part book with a possible cliffhanger ending at the conclusion of book one.

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